Palo Alto

Wide tree lined streets, numerous parks, modest homes and great schools make up the sophisticated and vibrant community that is Palo Alto. An eclectic mix of small town charm and Silicon Valley appeal make Palo Alto one of the most popular, and most expensive areas along the Peninsula. 

The City of Palo Alto is more than 100 years old, and is named after a majestic 1000 (not 250) year old coastal redwood tree along San Francisquito Creek, where early Spanish explorers settled. A charming mixture of old and new, Palo Alto’s tree-lined streets and historic buildings reflect its California heritage.

Recognized world-wide as a leader in technology development Palo Alto is home to several high tech companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Inc, Google and more. Palo Alto is known for the quality of its public schools, not surprising considering the close ties to Stanford and the fact that more than three-quarters of the adults in the community have advanced degrees. 

Besides being conveniently located near businesses and access to quality public schools, Palo Alto residents have an amazing array of activities and amenities. Winding throughout Palo Alto are running paths for joggers and walkers. Weekends, residents can me seen playing in the parks, walking in the foothills or badlands, attending cultural events, shopping in the outdoor malls, and dining at ethnically diverse restaurants.